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  • Branding your business


    When you go to your mailbox, think about the flyers that are always generally in there on daily basis. What are the ones that catch your eye the most, and which end up in the trash immediately? We would be that it’s the colorful, well-designed flyers with a clear company brand that make it to the keep list. Flyers that are poorly printed and cheaply made make you believe that the company sending them out doesn’t really care that much about their business. That of course may not be true, but when it comes to business, perception is often what ends up being reality.

    The same rules apply when contacting potential and existing customers in the online world. An e-mail that doesn’t really say where it is coming from will be looked upon with a level of distrust and may be send to the trash without being read. If, on the other hand, the customer opens up that e-mail and sees a professional looking logo that they know belongs to your business, they will know that this is likely something that can be trusted. The simple fact of the matter is that professionalism counts, which is why branding your business is so important.

    Yes, there is much more to branding that just the visual identity of your business, but it can be argued that it’s the logo that you use that is what makes your company instantly recognizable. For example, people don’t have to see the name to know that the golden arches indicate that a McDonalds restaurant I nearby. If you start out by using a logo that does not really say what your business does or which accurately represents you, it could mean problems when it comes time to start marketing.

    One of the issues here is that people believe they will have to spend a small fortune on a designer in order to create their visual identity. While there are businesses that go that route, it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone. You can now have a professional looking logo created relatively cheaply, and you can also ensure that the quality is maintained in everything you attach your name to from that point forward. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating business cards, letterheads, e-mails, or flyers, your visual design has to be consistent across them all.

    Much of the work that your business does nowadays is likely to be performed online, with cloud based applications like Olive Box making it that much easier to run your business in an efficient manner. Part of the service that we provide is to allow you to create professional looking documentation, which includes adding your company logo to the letterheads of everything that you send out. You can be sure that the quality of your visual design will always look its best, which almost always means that the client will have a higher level of trust and sense of security when they receive something from you. That is the first step in branding your business.

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