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  • Difference between cloud solution and classic program

    We need to clarify the term “cloud.” From a tech perspective, cloud means that the entire infrastructure is not real: it’s virtual and part of a large system. This is important: because of its architecture, it’s almost bulletproof. It can be easily changed, upgraded, and downgraded, and even hardware (processor, motherboard. memory, etc.) is virtual. It’s almost impossible that the instance on which the solution is running breaks.
    From a user’s perspective, the only difference between cloud applications and traditional applications is that cloud applications run inside the browser, and classical applications are installed locally. This is a big difference because if a database is installed locally and grows, the user must upgrade the server (memory, CPU, etc.), and sometimes the server must be replaced by a more expensive one. Also, if the application and database are installed on a user’s server, the user must manage daily backups. Cloud applications don’t require any of this because everything is stored externally, and the personal managing that cloud must handle it. Even if your computer dies, you won’t lose any information. Cloud applications are obviously the future.

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