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    30.07.2014 Hotel booking system and invoicing solution
    Major chain hotels are able to experience nights where their establishment is not filled, as they know that the times when they are fully booked will more than make up for those quieter days. The same cannot be said for small hotels, many of whom rely on being as close to capacity every single night in order to survive and thrive. What may come as a surprise to many small hotel owners is that it is sometimes what they are doing that affects the bottom line, especially when it comes to keeping tracks of everyone who stays for any length of time at the hotel.

    It goes without saying that smaller hotels have a limited budget, which is why some are still using the traditional paper method of checking guests in. The feeling is that a computerized system is completely outside the budget restraints, but that need not be the case at all. When reservations and check-ins are done using the paper method, things start to very quickly become disorganized. One simple entry error and the whole week can be thrown into chaos. It’s impossible to keep track of who is coming and going, all of which can affect the bottom line.
    OliveBox delivers a truly affordable cloud-based solution for small hotel owners that will help them get organized, and which will even perform some tasks on auto-pilot. Finding which rooms are open on any given date is a snap, as is changing reservations without setting off a domino effect that can lead to mass confusion once guests start to arrive. Better yet, invoicing for each and every reservation is quick and easy, with all of the information stored in the cloud for safe keeping. That means no more having to worry about lost paperwork or rooms being left empty when they could have been filled.
    The exciting part of all of this is the auto-pilot feature that we touched on earlier in the piece. Once the receptionist takes the information of the guest and adds it to the OliveBox system, exciting things start to happen. The guest is automatically sent a “Thank You” e-mail when they check-out. There is nothing better for a customer than getting a little note of appreciation from a business they just used, as this will make them want to go back in the future. Another e-mail is sent on the birthday of each individual customer, as well as discounts and deals that are targeted to specific keywords and demographics.
    What is so great about the OliveBox way of managing your small hotel reservations and customer database is how little it costs to actually make it happen. The small amount that you do have to pay each month will quickly pay for itself once those paper errors and lost reservations stop piling up. If you run a small hotel and are tired of losing business due to paper errors, you really need to think about adopting the OliveBox way of doing things into your hotel.

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