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  • Send invoice directly to partner address

    If you are issuing small number of invoices per month then probably you are frustrated every time that you need to send an invoice or estimate. Do you remember the last time that you visited post office? Probably you lost some time to reach post office (transportation, parking, walking, driving) and then waiting in a queue and don’t forget time to get back to the office!

    So why don’t use OliveBox solution that can eliminate everything written above. Just create invoice and send it to e-mail, fax or partner address (we will print it, pack it in an envelope and send it for you). Isn’t that great, just click or two and you are done, you saved a lot of time and time is money. 

    When you create free account in OliveBox you will get free credits and with that credits you can send e-mail messages to your clients or mobile messages or you can send any document to fax or partner address.

    Try it it’s free for first two months and then you pay only small monthly fee.

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