About Us

OliveBox - Invoicing software, e-mail marketing, booking and appointment solution.

Life should be simple, so do not complicate!

We love simple things that can be learned quickly without any hassle.
OliveBox is like lollipop. When you see it you know what to do with it. Easy and sweet!

We know that beginning a business can be tough. We know because we are also small company taking the same small steps toward a better, brighter, and bigger future. Send us an e-mail anytime, and we will respond quickly and with the right answer.

Our mission is to deliver simple and efficient solutions for small businesses. Our goal is for OliveBox to be the “all you need” solution for small businesses. You can manage invoices, estimates, overdue notices, expenses, client management, marketing (e-mail and mobile), service and product management, and much more. Soon you will be able to manage e-mail accounts and your company website with simple and easy CRM.

This is all available for a reasonable monthly fee that anyone can afford!

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