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  • Send invoice directly to partner address

    If you are issuing small number of invoices per month then probably you are frustrated every time that you need to send an invoice or estimate. Do you remember the last time that you visited post office? Probably you lost some time to reach post office (transportation, parking, walking, driving) and then waiting in a queue and don’t forget time to get back to the office!  ...
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  • 'Winer of organized by Deutsche Telekom AG'

    We are proud to announce that OliveBox is the winner of international contest organized by Deutsche Telekom AG.
    OliveBox was recognized as the best cloud solution for small businesses in Croatia and will get partnerships with Telekom Cloud Marketplaces and also will get an advertising campaign worth 30,000 €.
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  • Recurring invoices

    If you are in a business that requires subscriptions (maintenance, annual fees, monthly fees, etc.), then you will need a solution for issuing invoices. OliveBox can help. You just need to tell OliveBox the interval you are charging
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  • Difference between cloud solution and classic program

    We need to clarify the term “cloud.” From a tech perspective, cloud means that the entire infrastructure is not real: it’s virtual and part of a large system. This is important: because of its architecture, it’s almost bulletproof. It can be easily changed, upgraded, and downgraded, and even hardware (processor, motherboard. memory, etc.) is virtual. It’s almost impossible that the instance on which the solution is running breaks. ...
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  • Running Small Hotel

    It goes without saying that smaller hotels have a limited budget, which is why some are still using the traditional paper method of checking guests in. The feeling is that a computerized system is completely outside the budget restraints, but that need not be the case at all. When reservations and check-ins are done using the paper method, things start to very quickly become disorganized. One simple entry error and the whole week can be thrown into chaos. It’s impossible to keep track of who is coming and going, all of which can affect the bottom line. ...
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  • Archive your documents to cloud!

    It wasn’t so very long ago that a business of any size would have some sort of space dedicated to all of their incoming and outgoing documents. This space would often contain file cabinets that held documents for a certain period of time before those were boxed up and placed in a separate storage facility for an indefinite period of time. To make matters even worse, there were often situation were document ended up in different departments, with some landing in accounting while others went elsewhere. It was most certainly not the best way to do business, but there really wasn’t any other option until the computer age arrived.  ...
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  • Do You Know What’s Happening In Your Company While You’re On Vacation?

    If you’re a busy entrepreneur, you probably don’t get to take a vacation very often. Furthermore, when you do spend some time away from the office on vacation, you probably feel compelled to make daily, if not more frequent, calls back to the office to “check in.” You need to know which invoices were sent out, if that big bill was paid, or whether or not that important client finally returned the signed contract.  ...
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  • How Much Time Do You Waste On Invoicing?

    Issuing invoices can be a very time consuming process; however, the most inefficient part is not actually creating the invoice.  The greatest amount of time is wasted after the printing of the invoices and before their arrival in your client’s hands. The real ordeal only begins once the invoice has been created. After you have printed, folded and packed the invoice into an envelope, you need to find an appropriate post office that can handle the delivery. If you are lucky and your office is located near the city center, where post offices are usually located, the distance may be walkable. It is more likely though, that you’ll need to trek there by bus, train, or car. On a good day, there might be ...
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  • Branding your business

    When you go to your mailbox, think about the flyers that are always generally in there on daily basis. What are the ones that catch your eye the most, and which end up in the trash immediately? We would be that it’s the colorful, well-designed flyers with a clear company brand that make it to the keep list. Flyers that are poorly printed and cheaply made make you believe that the company sending them out doesn’t really care that much about their business. That of course may not be true, but when it comes to business, perception is often what ends up being reality. ...
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  • Remember birthdays!

    It is this, the small things, that help build positive relationships with customers and businesses. Remembering birthdays, favorite items or a certain element of customer service can really help drive home the importance of the relationship, and this can easily be shared back and forth. The problem is maintaining all of this information. Knowing birthdays, children and other information about customers can be overwhelming and difficult to manage unless a database is available. ...
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  • Say hi to marketing!

    There isn’t a business that can thrive or survive in today’s world without investing some amount of time and money into marketing. If you don’t believe that to be true, ask yourself why a company like McDonalds takes the time to advertise on TV, deliver flyers, and blast ads across the internet. ...
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  • The importance of a cloud invoicing software

    Technology has provided many benefits in our lives, it has made almost every aspect in our life much easier. Many things that previously could only be done traditionally can now be done more easily with the help of technology. Among the many things, paying the bills is one thing that has gotten a lot of help from technology ...
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