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    08.07.2014 Archiving business documents to cloud!
    It wasn’t so very long ago that a business of any size would have some sort of space dedicated to all of their incoming and outgoing documents. This space would often contain file cabinets that held documents for a certain period of time before those were boxed up and placed in a separate storage facility for an indefinite period of time. To make matters even worse, there were often situation were document ended up in different departments, with some landing in accounting while others went elsewhere. It was most certainly not the best way to do business, but there really wasn’t any other option until the computer age arrived.

    The storage of important document became so much easier with the arrival of computers and the ability to put a ton of information on a disk or hard drive. That was also no without its problems, though, as many businesses that failed to back-up their data pretty quickly found out. These types of problems became less and less as the technology improved, but there was still the issue of being able to quickly locate a document that may be stored on the computer of another department. There was also the issue of privacy, with countless tales of hackers breaking into computer networks to access sensitive personal data.

    The one great thing about technology is that it doesn’t stand still, and many of the issues faced with document storage and archiving in the past have now been solved thanks to the cloud. All of a sudden, office space has been freed up as files cabinets and other forms of outdated storage have been cast aside in favor of the cloud. There is no need to worry about your network crashing or being compromised, and also no need to worry about tracking down the one person with access to a specific document that you need right away.

    Many businesses are now reaping the financial and time benefits that come from cloud storage. All documents can now be archived there and accessed by anyone who is given permission by the site owner. It is quite simply the most effective way to store any kind of data, especially if there is a possibility that you might need to access it all at a moment’s notice. Any employee that has access to the company documents stored in the cloud can quickly get in there and find what they need without having to create a paper trail that might take forever to get back from.

    Nowadays, all that needs to be done is to have all documents scanned and archived into a single space that can easily be accessed by anyone with permission to go in there. There simply is no more effective way to archive documents in the modern age, which is why everyone from small business owners to massive medical facilities are now using services like OliveBox to scan and archive all of their important documents. Business moves fast nowadays, and you don’t want to be slowed down by spending days looking for a single piece of paper.

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