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  • How Much Time Do You Waste On Invoicing?

    Issuing invoices can be a very time consuming process; however, the most inefficient part is not actually creating the invoice.  The greatest amount of time is wasted after the printing of the invoices and before their arrival in your client’s hands. The real ordeal only begins once the invoice has been created. After you have printed, folded and packed the invoice into an envelope, you need to find an appropriate post office that can handle the delivery. If you are lucky and your office is located near the city center, where post offices are usually located, the distance may be walkable. It is more likely though, that you’ll need to trek there by bus, train, or car. On a good day, there might be minimal traffic and only green lights. But why is it that when you’re most stretched for time, the weather, traffic and the transit system always seem to work against you? A traffic jam, a missed turn, or bad weather can easily make a quick errand run to the post office much longer than you had initially expected. Once you arrive at the post office you can expect to be greeted by a line of three to five more people ahead of you. Great, more idle time. Even after you’ve reached the front of the line and mailed the invoice, the clock doesn’t stop ticking. Don’t forget that you still have to waste more time returning from the post office to your workplace. With several invoices per week, the time wasted commuting between your work location and the post office quickly adds up. Every day you need to mail an invoice is an unpredictable one. Unpredictable days mean scheduling can’t be done efficiently which only results in more lost time. How much time wasted is completely out of your control at this point? As they always say, time is money, and if you can’t control your time, the same probably goes for your money.

    At, we have a solution so that you can maximize your time and money. The whole idea is to cut out the unnecessary middle steps when issuing invoices and save you time and money. With, after you create your invoice online you’re all done! We’ll handle the rest: we’ll print it, pack it and take it straight to the post office so that you don’t have to! What this means for you is no traffic, no lineups, no waiting, and (best of all) less things to worry about. Invoices can be delivered by e-mail, fax or partner address.  Try it today, and see yourself saving time, money, and headaches! We think you’ll love the functionality that this brings you every day!

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