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  • Remember birthdays!


    Anyone in the business field understands the importance of marketing. More importantly, there are some who appreciate their customers and use that appreciation to help keep them and more customers returning.

    It is this, the small things, that help build positive relationships with customers and businesses. Remembering birthdays, favorite items or a certain element of customer service can really help drive home the importance of the relationship, and this can easily be shared back and forth. The problem is maintaining all of this information. Knowing birthdays, children and other information about customers can be overwhelming and difficult to manage unless a database is available.

    Databases are wonderful for handling information and distributing it, but unless you can be directly in front of the database, it is virtually worthless while you are away.

    Fortunately, Olive Box has the answer.

    A cloud-based computing service, Olive Box can help maintain databases for users who are not constantly in front of a computer on a daily basis. Best of all, Olive Box will work while you are not, so messages can be sent even when you are on vacation, asleep or at the grocery store. Those who would like to let customers know about a recent visit or purchase will find that Olive Box can do this as well.

    Once data is collected and assimilated, users can create custom-tailored newsletters that focus on particular interests of the customer, helping continue to drive sales and build relationships that will help the company continue to grow.

    There are lots of other great benefits to Olive Box, so why not check it out for yourself?

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