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Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Workshops, Lawyers ... manage your time!

Do more and don't work longer! Manage your time!

Today time is money, so don’t waste it doing nothing. If you don’t use a time management system, then you probably work at least an hour more daily without working overtime! How?

In a business where you are keeping appointments on a paper notepad, you don’t have a visual presentation of your time! This is the reason that you don’t see that one task will be finished at 9:45 a.m., so you can work in another customer at 10:00 a.m. So this is the first 15 minutes to be gained! With a clear visual presentation of your time, you will be able to appoint your customers one after another and throughout the day you will gain at least an hour so. This means at least 5 to 6 hours a week or at least 20 hours a month or 240 hours a year! Yes, that’s correct, you will gain whole month but you won’t do any extra time! Isn’t that great?

Don’t wait, start gaining your lost time, start using Appointment module! It is free for the first two months and later you just pay a fraction of your hourly rate (check prices).

Benefits from Cloud appointment management

The first thing is obvious - you gain time and time means money! Another important benefit is that you will be more organized and be able to tell someone when you have free time for appointments (visually you will see empty spaces in your calendar). Also, you will be able to do statistics around your appointments, i.e. what type of services sold on Monday, or how much money Mark (let's say that Mark is the hairdresser) earned last month or how many appointments are canceled per month. There are a lot of options, so we suggest that you try it. Invest a little of your precious time in and you will be surprised at how much more you can do without doing more!

OliveBox Appointment simple and efficient feature

What do I get?

You'll get a powerful invoicing, marketing and appointment system that is extremely easy to use and you don’t need time to learn it! The appointment module is a visual presentation of a weekly and daily calendar with the option of adding appointments to it. And every appointment can have a list of services and also list of products. For every appointment you can log changes - like cancellations or no-shows, so later you can analyze the success rate of your appointments and you can spot problems that might otherwise not be seen. For example, one customer regularly makes appointments for your services, but sometimes they don’t come and sometimes they call you and cancel their appointment. will automatically tell you that this customer is a constant no-show, so you can decide whether you want to book the appointment or not. So use and, as a bonus, you will receive a personal virtual appointment advisor!

Is it for me?

If you are in a business such as a beauty salon, work as a hairdresser, in a workshop, in a law office, or something similar, then yes, you need some kind of time management system. With you will get a powerful and easy-to-use solution for managing appointments; and you will also get an extremely powerful email and mobile marketing solution. So you will be able to tell your customers what’s new and what is coming -- and you will be able to dispatch hot deal news directly to your clients. Did you know that it’s ten times easier to sell something new to your old customers than to find a new one? Take advantage of this and start your email and mobile marketing campaign. We have the solution, you have your customers; and we can deliver your message to them!

Still don’t know how OliveBox Appointments can help you?

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