Throw your paper Booking sheet away

Manage your facility reservations like a 5* hotel!

Is Booking System right for me?

Are you a small hotel owner or you are renting rooms or apartments? We are 95% certain that you are managing reservations in the old fashioned way, by using classical paper sheets! Are we correct?

Now is the perfect time to switch from paper to Cloud! We have perfect solution for you. It’s called the OliveBox Cloud Booking System! It’s part of the OliveBox system and it will allow you to easily manage reservations, track additional consumed services and, at the conclusion, will enable you to issue invoices with just one click!

Booking is done through a visual drag and drop system. It looks like your paper version but with the tone of easy-to-use tools. Think about changing a reservation from one room to another in your system. Here in OliveBox, it’s easy -- just drag the reservation to new room or a new date and you are done! Easy!

I love paper and I can’t leave without my booking sheets!

Yes we know that and we respect that, but we know that if you try our solution you will instantly fall in love with it! Why are we so certain? We have had customers that were doing their booking business for years in this fashion - and they thought that their way was the right way. So we asked them to try our solution, and after using it for one week, they came back to us and said: “Why didn’t you came to us earlier - this is GREAT!”

We are 100% sure that our system will fit your business because it’s simple, easy to use, flexible, has all the reports that you need and is linked to our marketing module. With our email marketing and mobile marketing, you can send messages to your clients and OliveBox can automatically send birthday greetings to your clients. Did we convince you? Register for a free account and try our service!

OliveBox Booking simple and efficient feature

Facility management

Facilities are buildings in which you have rooms or apartments. So you will probably have at least one facility with defined rooms or apartments in it. Every room or apartment has attributes that need to be entered into the system. Every unit (room or apartment) has a name and a defined maximum number of persons that can stay in it. You can define the number of single beds, double beds and extra beds and the unit size in square meters. Every unit also has a simple description wherein you can type in the unit’s equipment. For each unit, you define the base price, which is valid when no special price is defined.

Price list management is a simple and easy to use booking system, but it has a powerful price management system. You can define special prices for some units for some periods of time or simply for a special day.

In that way, you and your employees will have all the information about prices in one place. Giving someone information about the price for their stay is super simple, just create a reservation and OliveBox will tell you the price for the whole stay - and also it will tell you prices per day!


We made booking super simple. You will have a visual representation of all your rooms or apartments. Select the desired date and period (just drag your mouse over and you're finished). Now will ask you about the reservation contact person and the contact details (email, telephone or mobile) and you are finished! Information about guests staying at your facility will be entered upon arrival; or if you have it already, you can insert this information earlier.

In the period of the guest’s stay, you can put services on the room account and they will be added to the invoice at checkout. So you will have complete hotel service like bigger, five- star hotels for a fraction of the price.


We think that great solutions are those solutions that can be used from the beginning until the very end. So, with you can manage your facilities, create different price lists and manage reservations. In the period of the guest’s stay, you can add services to the room account and at checkout you can create one invoice for everything - or separate invoices one for stay and one for services. This is an incredibly flexible solution for quick and easy hotel management!

Still Confused? Is it for me or not?

We are 99% certain that our solution will fit perfectly into your organisation, but we won’t know this for a fact unless you try it. We will try to improve our system every day by adding new functionalities and answering your questions via e-mail or phone! You just need to invest a little time and try it; and we believe that you will be satisfied with everything! After all, booking is just one piece of the puzzle in a successful business. We here at have another two puzzles pieces that match perfectly around booking; and those are the email and mobile marketing module and the invoicing module. Why use three or more solutions from three or more providers if you can use just one from one provider -- and you can use them for free (contact us and we will tell you how to use everything for free forever)!

So, How OliveBox Booking Software looks like?

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