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Why should I use Online Invoicing solution?

OliveBox is a online (cloud) invoicing solution for small businesses (invoicing. e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, booking and appointment management) with style. It has all the features you need and none that you don't. We cover invoices, estimates, credit notes, overdue notes, purchase order, purchase invoice, expenses, services, products, track stock, client management, and contact management all in one accessible web application. We'll walk you through the most important parts of OliveBox, and convince you that using OliveBox is simple and easy.

First, we will show you a short presentation about using cloud solutions for your business, and later, we will present OliveBox functionality. From that point, it's up to you to decide if OliveBox is for you. We believe that OliveBox will provide you with a lot of great tools, and it will save you time and money!

With OliveBox every task can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. Every document (invoice, estimate, credit note and purchase order) and report can be exported to PDF, sent to e-mail, or sent to a partner address (we will print it and send it for you, so you don't need to go to the post office). We will watch your stock levels, and if you’re running low, we will alert you so you can order items on time. Our mission is to do more with less time.

OliveBox Invoicing GREAT features


The main entities in OliveBox are partners. Everything turns around them. The first thing you need to do is insert partners into the system. You can insert partners one at a time. If you would like to send your partner an invoice, you first need to enter partner data into the system.

From the partner menu, you can do a lot of things: you can sort by name or debit field, and you can search by simple search form—it’s easy to find the partner you want. When you find the partner, you can record payments, check invoices or expenses attached to this partner, insert new contacts, or even send overdue notice.

Products & Services

Another important factor in OliveBox are items recorded in our documents. We divide items into two categories: products and services. OliveBox will track stock for products, and won't track for services. From “Table View”, you can sort/search to easily find items you’ve searched for. Immediately you see all the important fields (name, group, price, last changed, stock). It's easy to record new services or products; click “New”, and you are almost done.

When you receive goods, you will record purchase invoices, and OliveBox will increase stock for all the products on purchase invoice. When you sell them, stock will decrease. From “Product View”, you can access reports to see the stocks and the differences between purchasing and selling price. OliveBox will tell you how much you earned through a period of selling this product.


This is the main function in OliveBox. Every time you successfully finish a project or sell goods, you need to issue an invoice. Creating new invoices is really easy with OliveBox: click “New Invoice”, insert partner and services or product sold, and insert selling price. In most cases, you will finish this in less than a minute! You can save time if you send your invoice directly to your Partner through OliveBox by e-mail delivery, or we can print and send it to the partner address for you.

Every time you click “Invoices”, you will be redirected to a table view of all invoices. With our simple and efficient search option you can quickly find invoices. If you are looking for invoices with late payments, you can use our predefined filter (overdue invoices), and you'll view all overdue invoices. You can call to ask them when they'll pay, or just send an "Overdue Notice" via e-mail, fax, or to their post address.

Running your business is not an easy task, so don't lose time looking for papers. Do it quickly, safely, and with style!


Hi, John. Can you please send me an offer for the project we were discussing yesterday? I need to convince my boss (July). Please send it to my e-mail so I can forward to July.

John will open his text editor (Word or something similar), and will write a complete offer from start to end. This task will take him approximately 10-30 minutes, and when John successfully finishes, he will start typing the invoice. Wouldn't it be better if he could complete his offer in a couple minutes with only a few clicks of the mouse?

Then, when he finished his project he could convert his offer (estimate) to an invoice and be finished. Every estimate you send has great design, and can be sent to e-mail, fax, or to the partner’s address.

Credit notes

You’ve probably completed projects where the client wasn’t satisfied. We know that some clients are hard to please. He paid your invoice, but he wants some of the money back. You can give him back some money, or you can give him a "credit note" for the same amount. This credit note will be treated as payment in the future.

You can issue credit notes with just three clicks and a few strokes on your keyboard. You won’t need more than 30 seconds. In a small amount of time, you get beautiful printed documents for your partner, or you can send it by e-mail, fax, or postal address.

Purchase orders

OliveBox can also be used by companies selling goods as well as services. When selling goods, you first need to order them. OliveBox can help. You can create purchase orders just like invoices to send to your supplier. Create a new document, select “partner”, and input the goods you are ordering (including quantity). When you are finished, you can send it by e-mail, fax, or directly to a postal address.

Purchase invoices

If you are selling goods, you need to record when you receive shipments. In OliveBox, everything is easy and fast. After you create your purchase order, your partner will send you goods and invoices. Just open that purchase order, convert it to "purchase invoice", insert prices and quantities (if different than the purchase order), and you are finished. Now OliveBox has recorded the purchase; if you go to "services-products", you will see that your stock has changed for the quantity you bought.

If you ordered goods via phone, then you won’t have a purchase order in OliveBox. You can just create a new purchase invoice, and insert those goods. You’re finished!


OliveBox will help you track and manage your expenses. If you want your business to last, you need to have expenses under control. You need to record every expense. You can group expenses (you can define your groups). Grouping is useful if you have a lot of different types of expenses. Any time you access reports, you will see where your money is spent.

When you are recording expenses, you can define taxes and the amount of tax. OliveBox can generate tax reports for a given period. You also have the option to attach files to expenses. We advise that you scan and attach a copy of a document that you received. You will have an electronic archive of all your received invoices and other documents. The next time you’re searching for invoices received, just open OliveBox—you will have an electronic version with just a couple clicks.

Overdue notices

Collecting money from your customers is crucial for your business. You work hard on every project, but that doesn't mean you received your money. Some clients don't pay on time, so you need to remind them. We think that you should remind them first day after the deadline. OliveBox can send automatic (e-mail or text message) reminders for each invoice. If the customer still doesn’t pay, you need to send an overdue notice (to e-mail, fax, or post address). Select invoice or partner, and select "send overdue notice" from the sub-menu. OliveBox will create the document. If you choose this option from the partner menu, OliveBox will include all opened invoices in the document. If you choose "send overdue notice" from the invoice menu, only the selected invoice will be added to the document. You can decide to send it by e-mail, fax, or to a postal address (we will print and send it for you).

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