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Why email marketing?

E-mail is a proven marketing tool that really works if it is used correctly. Today everyone is very much focused on social media activities, forgetting e-mail marketing. Did you ever ask yourself how many posts on Facebook or G+ you are getting and how many of them are not shown to you at all? Probably thousands a day! And now ask yourself how many emails you are getting a day. Probably a 100 or less - so that’s 10 times fewer; however, you do get all of them!

Starting an email campaign is easier than you think; but it’s not so simple to get quality email lists. If you have decided to build an email list, then start today. Put the newsletter sign-in form on your website (with OliveBox it’s easy to do, just paste our code in your website and you are done!), place it at the most visible part of your site and also promote your newsletter sign up form on Facebook, G+ and Twitter.

Why mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is fairly new and it’s certainly younger than email marketing. In the past, it was proven to be a highly responsive communication channel that is very direct, personal and the quickest method for news distribution. If you need to tell something to your clients and you need to tell them quickly - and you need to be certain that the majority of them will see your message - then TEXT messages are the right tool for you.

Mobile marketing is a great tool, but you need to know when to use it and how to use it! Choosing OliveBox for your mobile marketing tool is the best possible choice. With one application, you will get an email marketing tool and a mobile marketing tool that can work together hand in hand!

Permission marketing, the ONLY way to successful marketing!

Today, the most important thing in marketing is permission! If you want to succeed in your business, then you need to play fair. Forget buying email lists or mobile lists - they will do more damage than create benefit! If you would like to sell someone something, then you need to gain TRUST! Your potential customer needs to know how to sign in and how to sign out; and this must be done with just one click! If you are using mobile messages, then the receiver must always know who the sender of the message is so he can contact you and ask you to remove him from the list if he wants.

OliveBox Marketing - simple and efficient features


The starting point for everyone wishing to send messages (email or mobile), is to build a list. Lists are made from contacts and every contact can be in multiple lists.

In your organisation if you have different products or different websites, then the best solution for you is to have two or more lists and your customers would be able to sign up only for those products in which they are interested. If you want, you can have only one list and everyone on that list will receive all the messages that you send. Sometimes this is not a problem, but we suggest that the customer always knows what he will receive and that he won’t receive something that he is not interested in.

Client lists with only those customers interested in your products means greater CTR and means more sales -- and more sales means more profit.


As we said earlier, contacts are a part of lists. Every contact can be in as many lists as you want. You can collect attributes such as Name, Surname, Company Name, Address, Zip, City, Country, Birth date, Sex, Email and Mobile Phone. If you are building a list just for email, then in some cases email will be enough; but we suggest at a minimum that you collect Name, Surname, Sex and Birth Date. This is the minimum for personalizing email messages, sending messages only to women/men and creating auto responders for birthday.

Building an email list is very easy, you just define what you want to collect, define text for opt in and opt out messages and will create the HTML code that you put on your site. And with that you are done! will manage all requests and send all welcome and pre-opt in messages. Also, it will handle all opt out requests so you will always have a clean list that will deliver the best results!

E-mail templates is easy to use and helps you create email newsletters very simply. If you want to send an email message to a list, then first you need to create an email template that will be sent to the subscribers on your list.

When you open the email designer, you will see that you have some basic components (title, subtitle, pictures and pictures with text, text, social bar, attachments and dividers) that act as building bricks. You can build really complex email newsletters with only those simple parts.


Sometimes you just need to know if your message was sent successfully and how many of those who received your message opted out from your list. But in most cases, this won’t be enough! has quite powerful statistics, so for every email message you send, you will know exactly who received the message, which of them opted out, when the message was opened and from which location, from which country and what this particular user was looking for (click statistics). All this information is just one click away and neatly put together with a visual representation of your newsletter and its click statistics. So don’t bother with creating content that no one reads, just focus on the hot content!


Every email or text message from a marketing module is charged and deducted from your credit account. At the beginning, we add some credits to your account so that you can test everything (send more than 100 email messages and some text messages) and then, if you like it, you can buy more credits and send more email or text messages.

Credits are also used in the invoicing module when you send documents to a partner address or to a FAX machine.

You can check the prices for each type of communication here (text messages, email messages, sending to address, sending to FAX).

Use Auto Responders and tell them that you love them!

Earlier we mentioned that we suggest that you collect information on the Sex and Birth Date of your customers. The reason is that with these parameters we can create auto responders (messages that are sent automatically). will automatically send birthday messages (different messages for HER or HIM); and can send messages for New Year’s and other holidays as well.

So, How OliveBox Marketing Software looks like?

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